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Trusted Traditions Moves Another Great Note


jmarkis10John Markis and John Maragoudakis of Trusted Traditions Announce another Note Coup d’étatLauderdale by the Sea, FL (PRWEB) April 16, 2009 – John Markis, the well-known popular numismatic currency dealer of Southern Florida; has snatched another prized banknote from under the sharpest noses of others and found a new home for this beauty. John Maragoudakis recently announced the acquisition of one of the collecting world’s most prized banknotes – The $100 Watermelon, so named because of the appearance of the zeros on the reverse side. This note, second only to the “Grand Watermelon” $1000, is sought after by every collector in the world. Often times called the most beautiful banknote ever printed, the Fr 377, Treasury Note, with the Rosecrans/Huston signature combination, is also one of the most coveted banknotes.
This particular note, serial number A12126, has been certified by Paper Money Guaranty (PMG) as Extremely Fine “40”. Notes are graded on a scale up to 70, and to find a 120 year old note in such high quality is unusual in itself. This note has been in private hands for the last 27 years and was never for sale until John Markis found it through his vast contacts in the Paper Money Hobby community. The note has now found a new home, with another private collector, and it is reported to have changed hands in the low/mid-six figure range. “The buyer had been looking for this type of note for years without success”, John Markis states, “I communicated with one of my connections who has a vast collection, negotiated for several weeks, and acquired the note for my client”.
Both buyer and seller came away satisfied with the outcome. The seller was at that stage in life wanting to wind down his collecting. While the buyer stated, “I tried twice before to buy one of these notes at auction, but the foreign buyers were there perhaps overpaying with their inflated Euros,” the buyer continued, “with the cost of buying at auction, the auction fees, and the tremendous pressure to decide within seconds, I was more comfortable with a one-on-one transaction”. Another aspect noted by both buyer and seller is the visibility of buying at auction. “Using John Markis, we could complete the transaction in complete privacy, at our pace; plus we had an expert, such as John, to oversee the entire transaction”. That facet of any transaction is important. Since John Markis remains in the middle, as a “valued neutral consultant” he is objective and can use his 15 years of banknote knowledge to benefit both parties.
Trusted Traditions has been supplying the collector community with its banknote requirements for over 15 years. John Markis and John Maragoudakis have been active in Sports Memorabilia, John was also a Numismatist dealing in Numismatic Coin Collecting before finding his preferred niche in Banknote sales. Trusted Traditions goal is to give the sophisticated collector a one-stop shop where they could buy, sell, or trade banknotes with full confidence, and the comfort of dealing with a well-informed, client-oriented staff.
Trusted Traditions is located in Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida, John Markis, and John Maragoudakis may be contacted at the offices at 275 Commercial Blvd., Suite 275. The phone number is 954-938-9700. A partial selection of the available banknotes is on the company’s web site – John is active on Facebook, Twitter, Linken and maintains his own blog site at

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