John Markis and John Maragoudakis announced the latest ad that will appear in the “Fun Show” issue of the Banknote Reporter and it was officially issued today. This ad spotlights three very rare Gold Banknotes that are available for sale from the latest Trusted Traditions acquisitions. If you have any interest in acquiring these rare pieces of history contact John Markis at 954-938-9700

jmarkis10John Markis and John Maragoudakis of Trusted Traditions Announce another Note Coup d’étatLauderdale by the Sea, FL (PRWEB) April 16, 2009 – John Markis, the well-known popular numismatic currency dealer of Southern Florida; has snatched another prized banknote from under the sharpest noses of others and found a new home for this beauty. John Maragoudakis recently announced the acquisition of one of the collecting world’s most prized banknotes – The $100 Watermelon, so named because of the appearance of the zeros on the reverse side. This note, second only to the “Grand Watermelon” $1000, is sought after by every collector in the world. Often times called the most beautiful banknote ever printed, the Fr 377, Treasury Note, with the Rosecrans/Huston signature combination, is also one of the most coveted banknotes. Read more

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• Layaway plans to fit your needs and comfort levels.

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Trusted is the premier provider of high quality, distinctive currency and coins for the hobby. With over 15 years experience we have become the supplier of choice for the sophisticated collector, as well as most of the major currency dealers throughout the United States. Trusted Traditions always strives to exceed your expectations and our 100% feedback rating on EBay confirms our success.

Our excellent inventory of graded large, small, and National notes, as well as the country’s premier inventory of Fractionals gives the collector a “one stop” shopping venue for all their currency needs.

We hope some of our notes will fill gaps in you collection. Please take a look and have fun !!! We always invite your inquiries — to buy or sell. Call us, we love our jobs. Please visit us at Trusted

jmarkis10We are all aware of the mushrooming growth of the collectibles’ segment. Both the number of collectors and the respective sizes of their collections are growing exponentially. As novice collectors enter the marketplace, we face new challenges to find and sell appropriate items that satisfy their needs; as well as provide the additional customer service that has rapidly become the rule rather than the exception. These new collectors typically use the internet to determine the value of their collections; and many will never visit a show or our offices. In reality, a new type of collector exists using the EBay auctions exclusively.

Most of us learned to evaluate our field, and its collectibles as an essential aspect of business as have the sophisticated, long-term collectors. We can accurately judge the value of any collectible item with a quick inspection. Today many collectors specify independent third party appraisals and are specific about the particular service they prefer. Every purchase of an item for resale brings with it the possibility of a negative appraisal and therefore we can be stuck with an unsalable item.

As dealers, we can take a few simple steps to earn and keep our customers’ loyalty.

  • First, we must remember that all clients are people. Each individuals has different expectations, and as dealers we must tailor every sales opportunity to custom fit that person’s needs. Dwight Macdonald, the author and educator, said “…conversation means being able to disagree and still continue the discussion…”. We all must remember it is not necessary to get a client to agree – we should only want to gauge how to satisfy their unique needs and wants. Not only listen to the words and meaning in their voice; but also assess their emotions. Any customer that feels you completely understand them will return repeatedly, an remain satisfied.
  • Second, we must learn to acknowledge the customer. If he or she is standing at your show table, on hold on the phone, or waiting in your office – say hello, use their name, shake their hand, and give them a big smile. A simple “I’ll be with you in a minute”, goes a long way. These little things may save that potential client from leaving, or hanging up, and they may be the next collector in the market for a premium purchase, and become a long-term profitable client. Your mother always told you to make a good first impression – it was true then, and has not changed to this day.
  • Next, we all like to feel important and we’re drawn instinctively to those who treat us so. American Express gives us a lesson there. When they introduced the “Centurion Card”, commonly called the black card, their phones were inundated with people lining up to send $1,000 for the privilege of doing the same thing the $25 Green card does – charge stuff. Imagine if we were able to charge collectors a fee – simply so they could buy the collectibles we offer.

While none of us has the advertising budget of American Express, here are some ideas of how you might promote your business and create loyalty amongst your clients. Try arbitrarily and randomly sending clients discount certificates good for their next purchase. Include theme mouse pads, or for larger purchases – books on your particular specialty with the shipment. It creates a nice surprise for the collector when their purchase arrives. These small premiums are a pleasant surprise for your customer; moreover, it sets the tone for a fruitful relationship, one of trust and hopefully friendship. They instill in the collector an impression that you have taken the time to acknowledge their business, and communicated a sincere appreciation for their purchases. With this loyalty, business is assured well into the future. The little things do make a difference.

The Kevin Eikenberry Group is a highly respected, professional speaking, training and consulting team. They recommend a very simple marketing technique – Laugh more often! They also offer one other axiom – “Remember – business is too important to take seriously”. It sounds simple but if taken as basic action, one that goes a long way. These policies will instantly make people friendly, defuse uncomfortable situations, and leave positive memories instilled with all involved. This enthusiasm and energy infuses all those around us – clients, employees, and even the vendors you use.

I would recommend that everyone who does not have the luxury of a photographic memory keep track of a customers and notes with a database computer system. I have found FileMaker Pro, or similar program, easy to use and manipulate information in a database. Having this type of knowledge readily available while on the phone with a customer, or at the show table, empowers you with a tremendous sales tool. You are immediately aware of a customer’s buying habits, wish list, and potential. It will also easily download to a laptop for portability. As an added benefit, the same information creates invoices, inventory, and standard accounting information. Another plus is to do your shipping online with FedEx or UPS. As soon as you complete the shipment, an email can automatically be sent to both you and the customer. Another, within hours after the shipment is received. This process communicates an assurance to your customer their collectibles were shipped and conversely you, that the customer received them in a timely manner. As an aside, it eliminates the many phone calls from customers asking about the status of their shipments. While these shipping services may cost a bit more than the U.S. Postal System, they also will negotiate their rates for volume shippers – something the U.S.P.S. doesn’t.

Finally, and probably most importantly, we must strive to find and retain quality people. Historically the collectibles industry is populated by “one man bands” – dealers who bought, sold, invoiced, shipped, and performed every other function for their businesses. Slowly we have added staff to the point now where a support group of 5-6 people is becoming the norm. With these new burgeoning staffs, dealers must learn to empower our staff and develop unique service strategies and ideas. The fear that blocks employees from supplying great service is usually a hesitation to overstep their bounds. We should want every employee to deliver great service with each customer contact. Support decisions when employees give something you feel they should not have – if done to please a customer. All people become enthusiastic when they experience their own competence. I am not suggesting employees have free-reign to give your products away; but I doubt many people would consider doing that anyway. Simple and concise parameters can be set in a group meeting to communicate basic sales policies. Once your customers know they can receive definitive answers from an employee they will no longer need to speak directly to the dealer principal each time they call – thus freeing you to make more money.

An equally important item to remember, if you have a customer who becomes abusive or unduly hard on any employee, you should immediately stop doing business with them – your own peoples’ peace-of-mind comes first. These few ideas will bind customers and employees to you in the long term – which equates to a profitable, fun, business operation.

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