About John

jmarkis10Anytime you are called upon to write regarding a topic, such as diversity or worldly issues, it’s always easy to be forthcoming and very literate. A difficult challenge lies when requested to write about ones’ self. It has taken me several weeks to compose this brief autobiography, to be informative, factual, but hopefully not at all vain.

I grew up in the suburbs of New Jersey, graduating High School in 1974 – John Aristotle Maragoudakis is my legal last name, and I am very proud of my Greek Heritage. I learned two things early in Life: People love Greek food, and our Greek culture; but cannot pronounce my last name no matter how hard they may try.

My Father’s brother Manuso had two daughters. However, he had no sons to carry on the Family name, so he took on the last name Markis, using the first 3 letters and the last 3 letters to simplify the pronunciation for potential son-in-laws. It occurred to me to use the name Markis, instead of Maragoudakis, on a daily basis to make my business life simpler. Thus, a solution was born without losing my Greek Heritage; and saving my friends and business associates from being tongue-tied. Very few of my business associates, or even friends, know this story.

Shortly after my school years ended, I took a series of Real Estate courses and proceeded to start my Real Estate career in the cold confines of New Jersey. In 1981, with two suitcases and a few bucks, I relocated to Fort Lauderdale, which has remained my home for 28 years.

Early on in Florida, the world of Diamonds became my first passion, and for years buying and selling colored stones was very enjoyable. The timing was bad as DeBeers, the world’s diamond supplier, soon flooded the world supply and the market for gemstones collapsed.

Coins quickly took the place of Diamonds, my interests grew, and for years I learned, studied, and profited by each daily experience. Then in the late 1980’s the coin market also followed suit of the Diamond industry and went caput.

From that point, The Baseball card industry was exploding and an opportunity was presented to become a Dealer and Master Distributor for Topps, Upper Deck, Fleer, Don Russ, and Pinnacle. I prospered, bought my building, and sold 1000’s of cases of Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Hockey trading cards. However, with most things, what goes up must come down. The greed of these manufactures and their over production, killed the goose that laid the golden egg, soon after trading cards became only as valuable as the cardboard they were printed on.

Shortly after, I got a call from my dear friend Steve Bromfield, he told me his wife, a local banker had gotten a $1000 bill redeemed over the counter for face value and asked if I knew of its numismatic value. Having no clue, I took the bill, scanned it, and was first to post a $1000 bill on a nonexistent venue called Rare Paper Money on EBay. In 1996, very few people had scanners, or understood e-commerce on the internet. It was that sale of that note for $1500 that triggered a success story that I embrace every day since.

My life’s calling became buying, selling, and trading United States Rare Paper Money through my company Trusted Traditions.com, JohnMarkis.com, EBay online, or at our local office by appointment only. I have enjoyed those successes every day since. It has been said that if you do something that you truly love, you will never work a day in your life – for 14 years now I have enjoyed this blessing.

On EBay, we have amassed over 25,000 satisfied clients; and have procured the Hobby’s rarest and finest notes for our clients. We help our clients build their collections and portfolios to reflect the pride of each owner. Our references are endless, and our credibility is unquestioned; with a work ethic, reputation, and trust that is embraced by all our peers.

John Markis, aka Maragoudakis feels like he has won the lottery every day!

Thank you for reading my little story . . .