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Today Rachael Auditioned for Phantom of the Opera ! John Maragoudakis


John Markis John Maragoudakis : One out of 100,000 dancers makes it to Broadway , likened to a college athelete who 1-out of 100,000 makes it to professional sports. Today Rachael auditioned for Phantom of the Opera , it doesn’t matter if she gets this gig or the next gig , what matters is that she is qualified to be there ! That’s what’s most important ! John Markis scroll down to see More

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John Markis

John Markis John Markis : We are most proud of Rachael’s quailifications, focus and determination , knowing she has prepared a lifetime for today’s events. JohnMarkis : John Maragoudakis:To my daughter who today auditioned for Phantom of the Opera on Broadway NYC,You were born to dance and it is your calling . I’m a doting Dad !

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